Jason Du

iOS developer, Snowboarder, Gamer

My name is Jason Du. I live in Toronto and study Math and Computer Science at The University of Waterloo. I am passionate about programming and I specialize in creating beautiful, professional apps for iOS. I program mainly in Swift but I sometimes dabble in Objective-C. When I am not programming, you can find me going on walks, playing the piano, or gaming.

How I got started


I first started programming in highschool when I took a course on computer science in grade 10. However, I did not discover the joys of programming until I went to my first Hackathon. I went to Wearhacks in Montreal and had no idea what I was going to build going in. I found a team that was interested in creating an app on the Muse that alerts the driver if they are falling asleep. We turned that idea into a reality and won the best Muse hack. From then on, I was hooked. I attended several other hackathons including Wearhacks Toronto, Hack the North, MHacks, and ConUHacks. You can find my projects for these hackathons here. Besides attending Hackathons, I enjoy watching WWDC keynotes and building my own apps from what I have watched.